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Social justice is central to my work. My focus is to actively dismantle oppression and its burden. I welcome discussion about your identity, my identity, and all the systems impacting you. I believe the therapeutic relationship is one of collaboration and I work to remain aware and educated to bring the most I can to our sessions.

I work to center the needs of queer, trans, gender nonconforming, BIPOC and all people living with marginalized identities. This means I am curious about your individual story and what you choose to work on. I won't make assumptions and push any agenda. 


I am rooted in a liberatory, queer and feminist theory, incorporating social justice and anti-oppression into our work. I am intentionally anti-racist and acknowledge we live in a society founded in white supremacy. I am body-positive which means I will not pathologize your body and am rooted in the Health at Every Size (HAES®) model.

We all have identities that can be categorized as marginalized or majority, and most of us have some from each column. I find that always filtering bias and first impressions through the lens of social justice gets to the core of who we are and opens us to truly creative work. A social justice lens can also free us all to self-identify apart from imposed social constructs. 

Some areas of focus:

  • Disrupting all forms of white supremacy and attempting to move toward active anti-racism.

  • Exploring gender and uplifting all gender identities and presentations.

  • Exploring all the ways the sexuality and affectionality can be defined, including polyamory.

  • Dismantling homophobia, queerphobia, transphobia and homonormativity.

  • Undoing sizeism, body policing, and fatphobia; whether internalized or from cultural forces. 

  • Subverting classism and struggles of class that intersect with other forms of oppression.

  • Interrupting ableism in all of its invisible and culturally perpetuated forms.

  • Finding and honoring all latent/hidden identities and those we choose to hold privately.

  • Exploring the intersections between all of your identities.

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