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Associate Supervision

Clinical supervision is a co-created relationship akin to mentorship; I will at times act as a teacher, a counselor, and/or a peer consultant in order to facilitate your development. Together we work towards the eventual goal of helping you to be a safe, competent, and independent professional. My philosophy of supervision is based on the Common Factors Discrimination Model, Person of the Therapist Model, and the Multicultural Relational Model, and I am happy to discuss what this means. How I bring these together is to focus at the core of our work developing your identity as a counselor and how you utilize your skills and perspectives to best serve the client while at times shifting to the very pragmatic topics of being a counselor in practice.


I strive to make this work interesting, enriching, and (hopefully) fun. Part of supervision is my role of gatekeeper to the profession in the best interest of our clients. I do not approach this from a punitive standpoint, I try to provide tools to encourage success and build on strengths. I encourage you to bring your fears, difficulties, and growth edges to our sessions so we can work to avoid anything becoming career limiting. I want you to be successful and thrive.

Individual supervision is $100 per hour, group is $75 per person per 90 minute session. 

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